Super Easy Way to Add Sparkle to Your Cards

Hello again. Shannon here. 

Do you enjoy crafty experiments? I definitely do! I think that is one of the many reasons I love Brutus Monroe so much. So many mediums and products to play with and discover!

As I was playing/experimenting in my craft room, I stumbled across a fun new way to use Thermoweb Pixie Spray.

I wanted to add an all over sparkle to my snowy background for this wintery card. I knew I didn’t want to use anything that would warp my paper. Pixie Spray is a light adhesive spray used to create a tighter seal between your stencils and the surface on which you are stenciling. The adhesive is lighter than most spray adhesives because it isn’t designed to adhere something permanently. The Pixie Spray is perfect for the lightweight of glitter though (which already wants to stick to everything!). 

To see a video tutorial check out my YouTube video: Crafty Shannonigans

To use this technique:

-Spray Pixie Spray onto your paper (I use an old dishpan as a spray box).
-Pour on your glitter (I used Brutus Monroe Sparkling Snowflake glitter. It is very fine which aids in its ability to stick).
-Tap off the loose glitter. Rub finger across the paper to remove any excess and to secure the glitter into the adhesive a bit.

This works great over patterned paper and colored images too.

I just love the twinkle and shine of the holidays! This simple technique makes it so easy to add that extra sparkle to your projects. 

I hope you give it a try soon! Happy Crafting

Product Links:

Thermoweb Pixie Spray

Sparkling Snowflake glitter

Not Your Mama’s cardstock

Holly cardstock

Candy Stripes paper pad

Simple Snowflakes dies

White Christmas stamps

Poinsettia Joy stamps

Random Dots stencil

Christmas Eve embossing powder

Raven ink

White ink

Embossing Ink 

Foam squares

Tissue tape

Home Sign Project

Decorate Your “Home” Sign

Hello crafty friends! Shannon here. Have you seen this adorable wood sign currently available at Brutus Monroe? It has been sold out and restocked several times over. If you have purchased it, have you decorated yours yet? I finally got the chance to do mine over the weekend and thought I would share a few ideas. Because this project has a little more to it than a card, I didn’t include a lot of the detailed tutorial here. If you would like more details on how I created these, please watch the video on Youtube. Crafty Shannonigans YouTube

For the paw I used a stain pen I received in my Farm Inspiration Box. It was exclusive to the box so it is not currently available. I liked that it went on a little sheer so the details of the wood and also the design show through. 

I used Aqua Pigments in various colors on the other pieces in this photo.They also allowed for the details to show through. In addition I used black acrylic paint and Alabaster Glitter Glaze on the bee. 

Unfinished Home Sign With Changeable O, 18 X 6 Inches

Aqua Pigment Bundle – Series 1

Glitter Glaze – Alabaster

For the ornament I used Frosted Gold Aqua Pigment and gold glitter for the details.

I used various glitter from my stash for all of the other pieces in the photo.

Metallic Aqua Pigment – Gold Frost

I think this last method is my favorite. Brutus Monroe has so many gorgeous papers! I may even go back and redo some of my other pieces with this method because I love the look. 

For the house I used Yellow and Brown Aqua Pigments and then cut and glued a heart punched out of paper from the Slimline Rainbow Dot paper.

I used Weathered Wood paper for the rooster, Rustic Florals paper for the bunny, and Fresh Melon paper for the shamrock. 

Slimline Paper Pad – Rainbow Dot

Weathered Wood Paper Pad

Rustic Florals Paper Pad

Fresh Melon Paper Pad

I used black and white paint on the sign itself. 

Now is a great time to complete your sign as so many fun holidays are approaching. I hope you are inspired to get yours out and decorate! 



Slimline Cards

Hello there! Shannon here with a quick post today. 

  Well if you follow cardmaking trends, you must have noticed that slimline cards are all the rage right now. So many beautiful and fun projects popping up everywhere! 

  I have noticed several comments on social media left on these beauties such as, “I need to try this.” or “ Love these! I just haven’t made one yet”.

  Well I say there is no time like now! Once you make one, you will see how much fun they are to create.

Here are some typical slimline card dimensions listed from largest to a smallest:

4” x 9” (8” x 9” scored at 4”)

3 ⅝” x 8 ⅝” (7 ¼” x 8 ⅝” scored at 3 ⅝”)

3 ½” x 8 ½” (7” x 8 ½” scored at 3 ½”)

3 ½” x 5 ½” (7” X 5 ½” scored at 3 ½”)

Some of my favorite benefits of a slimline card are:

-More real estate! You can really stretch out and have some fun. I especially love this when creating a landscape slimline. Perfect for scene building!

-Simply fun to break out of a rut. I know I gravitate to my typical A2 card.and this has helped me to stretch into new territory.

-Perfect for those longer sentiment stamps!

-Great to be able to use business envelopes.

-Tons of new and inspiring releases!

Brutus Monroe jumped right in and created an amazing selection of slimline stencils. There is such an incredible variety available! Here are links to some of these gorgeous stencils:

Slim Line Stencil – Sea Side Collection

Slim Line Stencil – Collection A

Slim Line Stencil – Hanging Lanterns

Slim Line Stencil – July 2020 Release Bundle

And here are just a few samples of what you can create:

I hope you are inspired to give this a try if you haven’t yet and if you have, I hope you will be inspired to share your slimline creations!

Keep on creating my friends!

Hugs, Shannon  

Introduction to ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

Hello friends! Shannon Smith here to share my introduction to ATCs with you. When I say “my introduction” I really mean MY introduction.

  When Heather Collins told me about the new monthly subscription ATC kit, I figured I would give it a whirl. I had heard of them, seen where people were swapping them, but that is about it. I decided I wanted to see what they were all about. To be honest, I wondered what the purpose of an ATC was.

 Well after having a good play, I am here to tell you…. I LOVE them! I would love to share a few of the reasons I do. I will likely share a more technique based post here soon using ATCs but I figured I would simply share what I made and explain a little more about what ATCs are about in this post.

I created 6 sets of 3 coordinating ATCs just to show you a variety of styles. The possibilities are endless really. This is a taste of what you can do:

This first set was created using the July ATC kit. It was nice, quick and easy to put this set together using so many fun embellishments and papers from the kit. One of the things I found I enjoyed was how much focal attention a smaller stamp can get on an ATC vs. a traditional card. 

Here are a few of the products I used:

Fireworks – Mini Mixed Media Stencil

Firecrackers Stamp set

I made a fun rainbow card a while back, and just couldn’t part with the cute strips of paper I trimmed off to make that card (I don’t get attached to all my scraps I promise). These little strips sat on my craft table for weeks until I started creating these ATCs. They worked out perfectly for this little set. I also took the opportunity to use some of my mini stencil collection with embossing powders as a common link between them.

Ultra Fine Embossing Powder – Icicle

Ultra Fine Embossing Powder – Alabaster

Mini Layering Stencil – Layering Flower

Mini Layering Stencil – Sunshine

I think this set was one of the most fun to create. I definitely let my hair down and dove into experimenting with mixed media. I had just a bit of burlap ribbon left from the farm Inspiration kit. It was fun using paste and embossing powders, and metallic Aqua Pigments. I also pulled out a bunch of random trinkets from my craft stash, and was able to utilize things I have had for a decade. ATCs are a perfect way to try out new techniques! The commitment is less daunting as you are working with such a small canvas. It is a great opportunity to be bold!

Metallic Aqua Pigment – Collection – Metals

Metallic Embossing Powder – Penny

Metallic Embossing Powder – Gilded

Metallic Embossing Powder – Sterling

For this set I used some card panels from the Boardwalk Inspiration kit. I enjoyed taking the bigger card panels and zeroing in on an area I wanted to use for my ATC. Once again I played around with a technique. I used some alcohol markers to create a festive background for my carousel.

Salt Water Taffy – Card Panels

Boardwalk – 6×8 Stamp

I really enjoyed working within a theme for each set of ATCs. I used sets from the Rainbow box to create these ones. This background was from a paper I used to clean glaze off of a stencil. I ended up loving the result and was happy to use it for these.

Groovy Friend – 6×8 Stamp

Party Bus – 3×4 Stamp

CYOE – 2×3

Sometimes I have looked at a stamp set and thought “But when would I have an occasion that would fit a card made from this”? First off, I don’t encourage this line of thinking when creating. Why not create it? If you like it, you will find a use for it. Even if that use is decorating your own crafty space. Here is another benefit of an ATC though. You can create on this smaller, less committal canvas and then turn it into a card later if you want to.Simply adhere your ATC to a card panel and card base and Voila! You are set.

Rock On – 6×8 Stamp Set

Abstract Art

Embossing Powder – Mic Drop

Glitter Glaze – Silver

Silver Glitter Sequins

Mirrorstock – Prism

So now you have seen what I was able to do with my 18 trading cards. I hope you are inspired to create some cards of your own. Please share on the Brutus Monroe Fan Club page. I can’t wait to see your creations! I know there are fun things in store for the ATC kits. I am really looking forward to making more! ATC Kit

To see more, click on the link to my ATC video: Crafty Shannonigans