A little look at what I have been up to

Life is good! It is so strange to be working on my own terms for now. Darrin and I have  become such a great team in this new chapter of our lives. We are coming up on a month since “the big change” and we are still working well together. This is a good sign.

I have been posting 2 times a week on my YouTube channel. We upload on Wednesdays and Fridays. Below are links to all of the videos we have uploaded past the launch.

We have a lot more fun ahead in December. Watch for more holiday projects this month and some more fun and exciting things going forward in 2019! Thank you so much for reading, watching, sharing, and just all around encouraging and supporting us! We are so thankful for the blessing you are to us.


Birthday Blessings


It never ceases to amaze me that in the midst of a trial, when things are tough and uncertain, there are blessings among the hardships. We simply have to choose to open our eyes to recognize them.

A lot has happened since my last post. I have gone from working full time for one paper crafting company, to freelancing from home, launching my own YouTube channel, and enjoying a variety of crafting manufacturers’ products.

I have been truly touched by the many words of encouragement and support that people have offered.

Darrin has partnered with me to make the YouTube channel a go. He has been amazing! He is constantly researching ways to make improvements and is picking it all up very quickly. I am so fortunate to be blessed with an awesome spouse. I am excited to utilize his talents! I couldn’t do it without him.

We decided to launch the site on November 9th which also happened to be my birthday. I liked the idea of the birth of a new chapter in our story. I wanted it to be a celebration.confetti (look at these adorable Wishes stamps and dies from Pink and Main! LOVE them! The cute ice cream stamps and dies are Sweet Life from FSJ)

We sent out a request on Facebook to get our first 100 subscribers. We were thrilled to reach over 200 in less than 24 hours! Thank you so much dear friends! We had a terrific launch.

I was able to enjoy my birthday responding to well wishes and enjoying a celebratory birthday sushi lunch and Red Robin dinner with my family. Looking forward to good times ahead!birthdaydinner  Here is a link to my first Crafty Shannonigan’s YouTube tutorial:


Paper Fan Sunflowers


 Oh how I love fall! I used to adore the beautiful drives my parents and grandparents would take us on. I loved to see all of the rich, delicious colors we would see as we drove up the beautiful Millcreek and Big Cottonwood canyons.

Since moving to Arizona, I do miss that magical transformation of the trees but I still love fall. I am so happy to feel the refreshing dip in temperature. But I am still happy to create a little Utah fall in my home when I decorate for the autumn season.

I absolutely love sunflowers and the cheery warmth they exude. I decided to incorporate the FSJ paper fan to make various sizes.

fandie You can get a variety of sizes from this single die just by trimming the long, straight edge. You also will see you can change the opposite edge for added options as well. If you stick with the original die size, you need at least 3 fans cut out to make a full circle. It is a tight squeeze, but possible. If you choose to trim down your blossom, your number of fans will decrease depending on how much you trim off.

trimfan    fansize

Fan fold each die cut making sure to do so the same way for each fan. Glue ends together until you end up with a circle (see photos). This is also where I decided to sharpen the edges of my flower while the glue dried.

I used scalloped and regular circles to make the centers for my sunflowers cutting 2 of the pumpkin pieces per flower as one is needed for stability on either side. For added interest, I used my hole punch on the small dark brown layer so the pumpkin cardstock would show through.

If you have ever made a paper fan, you know the trickiest part is just getting the centers on. Tip the ends in so that your edges cinch up in the center. I used hot glue and added the back center piece. Then repeated this step on the front with my layered center. Voila!  A darling happy sunflower fan!


Happy Fall! Thanks so much for stopping by.



Halloween Pumpkin Decorating


Do you like to carve pumpkins? I am afraid I do not. I guess I am just not that skilled with the sharp instruments. Maybe it is just the messy pumpkin guts I can do without. Here in Arizona, pumpkins don’t last long in the heat either.  I have definitely got a preference for painting them. This year I went all out and even bought craft pumpkins.

I had a brilliant plan to stencil my pumpkins but quickly found that was easier said than done. In order to do so, I would need more flexible, possibly adhesive stencils. I had my pumpkins, I had some time, and I was ready to roll. I improvised.

I didn’t want my stencil idea to be a complete waste so I used one with modeling paste. This worked out pretty well. I used the round sponge brush, featured in the picture below, to make polka dots on my pumpkin. I was brave and tried my hand at making a scripty greeting on my last one with paint pens. I added a little ribbon and a little ghost and “voila” my pumpkins were finished!


Super simple, easy to replicate, not too many expensive supplies. Happy Halloween!

I figured I should add the TryDay Friday I did for FSJ a few weeks back.


Here’s the link: